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  • A single thought can modify your brain

    The human brain is one of the most complex and fascinating organs in the body. It is responsible for our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and actions. Over the years, scientists have been studying the brain to understand how it functions and how it can be modified. One of the most interesting discoveries is that a single…

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  • A sensation

    A sensation

    And all I ever wanted Was Everything. To feel alive, To feel life coursing through my veins. Midday and a glass of champagne, The effervescent bubbles tickling my taste buds, And I feel my soul exploding into a thousand sparks. In the sky of love, A whirlwind of colors and sensations envelops me so beautifully,…

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  • I love myself, I love you

    I love myself, I love you

    Today I put on the dress of love I decided to love myself and love you I feel like I can do anything, for I am love I can’t fight with you because I love you. Beneath a smile, I hide the fact that you are a part of me And I am a part…

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  • Melting Moon Dream

    Melting Moon Dream

    The moon is melting And we are searching For each other In a dream.

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